Product Info

MultiFinish 440 Air Assisted

  • Manufacturer: Titan Tool

The leader in fine finish technology introduces the most versatile electric Air-Assisted Airless sprayer to date. By coupling the proven performance of the TITAN 440 with the efficiency of an electronically controlled compressor the MULTIFINISH™ becomes an extremely versatile finishing tool. From trim, doors and cabinets to interior and exterior latex application, the MULTIFINISH™ can do it all!   

  • MAX. DELIVERY                        .54 GPM
  • MAX. TIP SIZE                          .013">.023"
  • WEIGHT (HIGH RIDER)             59 lbs.
  • WEIGHT (SKID FRAME)             35 lbs.
  • MOTOR                      

The Titan 440 is ideally suited for residential, property maintenance, and commercial applications. This high performance electric airless sprayer will apply all standard architectural primer, paints and coatings efficiently.

  • Designed to consistently spray 50-100 gallons per week
  • Sprays: stains, lacquers, enamels, latex, and other low and medium viscosity coatings.

Choose spray tip for your job at additional cost. Must be returned clean.