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  • Manufacturer: Rss Distributors
  • SKU: 150-00-01

Glassware - 17 oz. Stolzle Universal Crystal Red Wine Glass

  • Manufacturer: Rss Distributors
  • Model Number: 150-00-02

Glassware - 13 oz. Stolzle Universal Crystal White Wine Glass

  • Manufacturer: Rss Distributors
  • Model Number: 103-00-39

Glassware - 16 oz. Stolzle Universal Crystal Water Goblet

  • Manufacturer: Rss Distributors
  • SKU: 150-00-07

Glassware - 6 oz. Stolzle Universal Crystal Champagne Flute

  • Manufacturer: Libbey

Glassware - 8.5 oz. Libbey Wine

Glassware - 11 Oz. Beer Pilsner Glass

The 11 oz. pilsner beer glass is perfect for any event that serves beer in style!

Serve your finest, effervescent champagne this 10 oz. champagne coupe glass! Its wide bowl elegant shows off the bubbling contents, making this glass ideal for use in banquets, hotels, high-end restaurants and your event!

Serve sparkling champagne in this tulip 9 oz. champagne glass. Its elegant and unique tulip design will be sure to impress guests and make any toast memorable.

Add elegance and eye-catching style to your wine service with this 1 liter glass wine decanter! With an emblem on its neck, this simple decanter can showcase wine, juice, water, iced tea, and more. Use this decanter for tabletop service, place it in a beverage housing to keep drinks cold, or place it out front for a classy tip jar. However you use it, this decanter will prove itself incredibly versatile at your bar, buffet, or restaurant!